Aug 9, 2021 5:35 PM

Thrive West Central, an innovative regional driver dedicated to enhancing community assets while improving the overall quality of life in West Central Indiana, announced the launch of their new app for Android and iOS devices, known as Crossroads Trails.

Crossroads Trails app was created to help residents and visitors navigate West Central Indiana’s vast network of trails and outdoor amenities. With easy-to-use mapping features and amenity layers, this app is the perfect tool for trail users of all experience levels.

Innovative features on the app include – parks, current trails, planned trails, trailheads, water access and restrooms. Thrive plans to work with users to add information such as trail-friendly businesses and other amenities along with trail types.

“This app will allow our communities to fully utilize the wonderful network of trails across our region. Thrive is so excited to have developed this resource with the support of our local partners, and we believe it will improve the quality of life in West Central Indiana for years to come.”

Crossroads Trails was made possible by the Crossroads Trails Regional Council and a group of generous donors, including Wabash Valley Riverscape, Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce and Putnam County Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Any questions can be directed to Thrive’s Economic Recovery Liaison, Ashley Salesman at